Director Roman Vávra

DOP Martin Štěpánek

Country of production Czech Republic, Germany

Script Markéta Sára Valnohová

Co-producers Czech Television, ARTE, Maxim Film

The fate of Alphonse Mucha, a genius graphic artist and self-made man, whose glory was born almost overnight thanks to collaboration with the actor star of Paris, Sarah Bernhardt. His posters, applied art and paintings have become world-renowned. Still, he did not hesitate to leave Paris at the height of his success to realize his artistic dream – to create a monumental work for the nation. Mucha‘s life tells us that something new and unique can only be born if you are prepared to hold to your vision and risk your whole future. We present a new view of Alphonse Mucha‘s life based on exclusive and unpublished correspondence, diaries and autobiographical writings.