Mendel - the Father of Genetics

Mendel - the Father of Genetics

Director Otakáro Maria Schmidt, Jana Kristina Studničková

DOP Jiří Strnad, Otakáro Maria Schmidt

Main cast Jan Špilar, Marek Orko Vácha, Jana Kristina Studničková, Viktor Preiss (vyp.), Otakáro Maria Schmidt

Country of production Czech Republic

Script Otakáro Maria Schmidt

Co-producers Czech Television, JesuPrag Film, Filmium

Otakáro Maria Schmidt and Jana Kristina Studničková, authors and directors, present another documentary film with acted scenes. This one is uncovering the life, faith and inspiration of Mendel, the greatest Czech scientist who discovered the basis of heredity while experimenting with peas. It also reveals the evolution of genetics in the following decades until the fascinating reading of genetic code today. The film combines story of life and work of Gregor Johann Mendel with the contemporary view on the evolution of genetics. The music of Leoš Janáček accompanies the film, as the two of them converged spiritually. The results of Mendel's and Janáček's work share the same influence of a harmony of mathematics and Spirit, as much as they influenced each other.