Feature films & TV series

Full production services

Minority co-productions

  • Animated and documentary films
  • Features and shorts
  • Films at least partially produced in the Czech Republic using Czech goods and services
  • Films involving a Czech producer as a supplier of Czech creative elements or as a minority co-producer (contributing the required minority funds)

Film incentives

  • Fiction, animated and documentary films (>70 minutes)
  • Fictional, scripted TV content – one-offs (>70 minutes) and TV series (>30 minutes per episode)
  • Animated TV series (>5 minutes per episode)
  • Pre-production, production and post-production
  • 20% cash rebate on eligible costs in the Czech Republic
  • Up to 10% on international cast and crew (calculated as a 66% rebate on withholding tax paid in the Czech Republic)

Pop-up commercials

Established our production pop-up recently as the best answer to the fast paced trend of today's commercial shoots.

Fast & Flexible

Don't have time to come for location scout? We have a professional team of location managers who will do location scout online for you. Either in real time or will create unique scouting maps just for you.


We are reducing our costs to a minimum while keeping a high quality production value. Professional & experienced crew ready on call. We are collaborating with the best postproduction & sound studios.


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