Pánský klub / Gentlemen´s club

Pánský klub / Gentlemen´s club

Genre Comedy

Director Matěj Balcar

DOP Aleš Svoboda

Main cast Jiří Mádl, Kristýna Hrušínská, Bolek Polívka, Milan Šteindler, Zdeněk Žák, Martin Leták, Patricie Pagáčová, Hana Vágnerová, Jan Hrušínský, Miluše Šplechtová, Nela Boudová

Distributor Falcon

Country of production Czech Republic

Script Matěj Balcar

Co-producers Demopictures, Divadlo Na Jezerce, Magiclab


  • Generální partner: Prima TV Hlavní partner: Pokec.sk Partneři: Mucha Sekt
  • Principal Engineerings
  • Peugeot
  • Knupp Gallery Praha
  • Edison Film Hub
  • Dermacol
  • Fraise

A film about men who love women.

Therapy for "erotic addicts" brings together a totally disparate five men. The likeable and shy teacher Cyril (Jiří Mádl) is worried about his risqué ideas involving his female students. The brash erotomaniac and notorious philanderer Eda (Milan Šteindler) is still proving his manhood. The young ÏT geek Martin (Martin Leták) presents himself as a great lover, but his behaviour is more a source of embarrassment than anything else. The older screenwriter Přemek (Bolek Polívka) would like to resist the seductions of his long-time muse, while the burnt-out rocker Gigi (Zdeněk Žák) has obviously had better days... or has he? The sessions of the eccentric participants are conducted by an attractive but not very experienced psychologist Linda (Kristýna Hrušínská), whose therapy soon gets out of hand. The reins are taken over by the "clients" themselves, the meetings take on an unexpected momentum and a brisk mosaic of unbelievable stories unfolds. A comedy about love in its various forms and how it is never too late to try to make things right. The eponymous play by the debuting director Matej Balcar, presented at the Na Jezerce Theatre, became a hit with the theatre-going audience.